West Bengal – India

Submitted by:  Rudi Dundas and Chris Majors  |  Location: West Bengal, India  |  NGO: Project Well | Date: November 2010 | Project Tracking Pages

Photographers Ruid Dundas and Chris Majors visited West Bengal, India, touring villages struggling for safe drinking water with Blue Planet Network partners Project Well and Aqua Welfare Society. They were amazed at the tragic situation of arsenic in the ground water and were impressed with the work now being done to provide safe alternatives.


“The largest mass poisoning of a population in history.”

- Nasrin Karim, Director, Earth Identity Project, Bangladesh


“The Water Crisis is not just about scarcity. India has a lot of water, but so much of it we cannot drink.”

 - Dr. Protap Chakravarti, geologist

Arsenic sediments in the Ganges Valley come from naturally occurring geological formations in the Himalayas. 13 million people are now drinking arsenic tainted water in the 8 affected districts of West Bengal.

“It is a terrible public catastrophe.”

- Dr. Allan Smith, University of California, Berkeley



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