Apac District, Uganda

Submitted by Rudi Dundas | Location: Apac District, Uganda | NGO: International Lifeline Fund |  Date: Date: January, 2013

The H2O+ initiative was successfully piloted in 2012 by International Lifeline Fund in the Pallisa District in eastern Uganda where 39% of the population lack access to clean water. The project brought clean water to rural populations and improved capacity to under-served health clinics as well as communities. Five borehole wells were constructed near health clinics providing clean water for prenatal and newborn care. In addition to the clinic patients and staff, 6,392 villagers living in these five communities gained direct access to clean water as well as the 4,000 visitors per year that traveled from afar to these clinics. Because of the strategic placement of the wells, the program will benefit 25,600 people annually in these five communities. In addition, due to the success of the pilot, H2O+ has been successfully implemented in Apac District in northern Uganda. Cumulatively, the project has benefitted 80,000 people to date. International Lifeline Fund is working with the local government to evaluate implementing the H2O+ model throughout all of Apac District, which could help several hundred thousand people gain access to lasting clean water and sanitation. For more on the H2O+ initiative, see our H2O+ project showcase.

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